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If you have not yet switched to paperless billing or auto-pay, you can learn about the benefits of these options and make the switch here.

Account number:

1234567 8

Your account number identifies you as a customer of Bell Aliant and is related to all your current Bell Aliant services.


This is the account holder’s name. The account holder is the person whose name is on the Bell Aliant account, and who can make changes to the account.

Last payment:
Sept 10, 2011


The Last Payment line tells you the amount and date of the last payment made on your Bell Aliant account.

Current balance:
as of Oct 10, 2011


Your current balance shows how much you owe Bell Aliant as of the current date.

Payment type:

The payment method displayed is the method in which you are currently set up to pay your bill within My Account. There are 3 methods of payment you can choose within My Account and you may change your method at any time:
  • Payment by credit card
    This option allows you to make one-time bill payments by credit card within My Account whenever you want.
  • Auto-Pay by credit card or bank account
    Auto-Pay provides automatic payment of your bill by either credit card or bank account. It offers you the convenience of setting an automatic monthly payment of either your full bill amount or a set monthly payment limit.
  • Payment by bank account
    When you pay by bank account, your banking information is securely stored with My Account allowing you to easily and quickly make on-time payments whenever you want.

Pre-authorized payment
on credit card with limit.

Make a payment

View current bill
Make a one-time payment towards your account balance anytime.
Click to view your current bill in a PDF document format. It has all the details, exactly like a paper bill. If you need help with your bill, check out our bill demo.

You’ll need Adobe Reader (free) to view your bills.
Click the link to download Adobe® Reader®. It is is a free software that allows you to easily and reliably view, print, and search PDF documents.
View previous bills:
You have access to 12 months of previous bills. Simply click the drop-down menu, and select the billing date for the bill you would like to view.
Bill type: Paper bill

Switch to Paperless

Your bill type is the method in which you receive your bill. When your bill type is “Paper” you will receive a paper copy of your bill in the mail. By switching it to “Paperless”, you will receive an e-mail notification when your bill is available to be viewed online and you will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail.

Billing address:

123 Brookshire Road
Halifax NS B3T 1R5

Update My Account password
If you want to change the password you use to log in to My Account, simply click “Update My Account password”.

Unable to view my bill
If you have difficulty viewing your bill online, you can troubleshoot common reasons for this within our online support.

Not receiving e-bill notifications
If you have problems with your bill notification email, you can troubleshoot common causes of these issues in our online support.

View more support
For problems with any of your products or services or if you need support for things like “My Account” or how to use any of your services, click “View more support” to access our extensive online support.
Email us
You can email us for support or answers to questions using our email us form and a customer service representative will respond within 24 hours.
Arrange a move online
Moving your service to a new address just couldn’t be easier. Simply click this link, fill in a form and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Moving guide
The moving guide provides useful information and links to help you move your services to your new home.
     My Services at: 123 Brookshire Road (555-1212)
The service number and address where your services are installed are displayed here. If you have more than 1 number on your account, each one will be listed here as a link. You can click on each number to view the services on that line.

Bell Aliant Bundle
High-Speed Ultra Internet + Bell Aliant TV Change my bundle
Use this link to update your bundle or add additional services.
+ Home Phone Service Move my services

My Services:
See the details of your current television services, including the number of receivers you are currently using.
Bell Aliant TV
Digital Advantage
2 Reveiver(s)
Change TV options (theme packs, receivers, etc.)
Easily change your theme packs and movie channels, add more TVs (receivers) to your service or switch to HD. Your TV channel guide is updated immediately when you make changes to theme packs online!

Theme packs:
Time-Shifting Them Package
Sports Theme Package
Theme Packs are groupings of TV channels that you can add onto your TV Service. The ones you currently subscribe to with your TV service are listed here.
Support and trouble-shooting tips  
Get help with your TV equipment or remote. Troubleshoot common problems with picture / sound, your remote or purchasing Pay Per View. Plus, watch quick “how to videos” and learn how to get the most of your TV experience.

My Services:
Your current telephone service including all calling features and long distance plans you subscribe to are listed here for easy review.
Home Phone Service - 000 000-0000 Add/remote calling features
Easily update the calling features on your home phone such as call display, voicemail, three way calling and many more.
Call Display Add/change long distance plan
Update your long distance to the plan that meets your needs.
Three Way Calling Add additional phone line
Order another phone line for your home using our convenient online order form.
Talkmail Put phone on seasonal service
Save money and reserve your phone number by suspending your Bell Aliant services for the time you are away from home or the cottage.
Visual Call Waiting Deluxe Change your voicemail settings
Change the number of rings before your voicemails answers, or turn your message indicators off.
Voicemail (includes Voicemail-to-Email) Access voicemail-to-email
Easily manage your voicemail-to-email service online. By subscribing to Voicemail-to-email you will receive a copy of your voicemail message as a WAV file in your e-mail inbox.
Simply the World Access Call Director
Manage your Call Director service online. Subscribe to Call Director and direct your incoming calls so that you decide where, when, and how you want to be contacted by friends and family.
Calling Card Add a calling card
Order a new or additional calling card online. A calling card is a convenient way to make local or long distance calls while away from home. It connects you to our network so you get the Calling Card rates provided by your long distance plan.
$0.05 the World LD Plan Add a family calling card
Order a family card to allow family and friends to call you from almost anywhere while you pick up the charges at the reduced rates that apply under your Bell Aliant long distance plan.
Family Contact Card View my directory listing
You can view and change how your information is displayed in the telephone directory.
Unlimited Canada/US Long Distance Add an additional directory listing
Add another directory listing for the same phone number. Convenient when living with roommates and friends.
Support and trouble-shooting tips  
Get help with voicemail and all your other calling features. Troubleshoot problems with your phone line or calling features; or reset a forgotten voicemail password.

My Services:
View a list of your current Internet and security services.
High-Speed Ultra Change internet plan
Upgrade to a faster Internet plan, or to FibreOP anytime.
Anti-Virus Add/remove security services
Update your security services anytime to keep your computer protected from viruses, spyware and hackers. Plus, block inappropriate content using Parental Control.
Anti-Spyware with Fraud Protection Download security services
Reinstall the security service programs that you subscribe to whenever you need – for example, when you get a new computer.
Parental Control Change internet password
You can change your Internet password used to establish your Internet connection here. Your Internet password is different than your email password or other passwords.
Personal Firewall Add/remove email addresses
You can add email addresses for your entire family or remove ones that are no longer in use.
Change or reset email password
You can change your email password used to retrieve your emails or to connect to Webmail. Your email password is different than your Internet password or other passwords.
Check Webmail
Click here to access Bell Aliant’s Webmail service. Webmail allows you to check your emails online when you are not at your computer. Webmail is available anytime, from any internet connection.
View Dial-up usage
If you are on dial-up Internet, this is where you can verify your usage.
Support and trouble-shooting tips  
Get support for your internet connection, email issues, setting up your email for the first time and more.

Existing Bell Mobility Customers

Add/change features or plans, check upgrade & more

Manage your Bell Mobility Account  
This link will send you directly to the Bell.ca website. There you can log in to My Bell or register for a My Bell account where you can manage your Bell mobility services.